Seventh-day Adventist Christianity forms the basis of my worldview, and my personal relationship with the God of the universe is the most treasured part of life. More than that, it is life itself to know God – my Creator and my Saviour. All that I am or will be is due to God’s grace and mercy, and is dedicated to His glory and service, and to the service of my fellow human beings.

With this worldview, caring for and respecting our natural environment is an extremely important responsibility and privilege. This is a significant driver for my career path in environmental engineering. The other – and more significant – driver is to be of service to my fellow humans. Social justice and environmental sustainability are closely related, and are both moral imperatives for me as a Christian.

Further, sharing in an inclusive community of fellow believers, and making our message widely known and available is my joy and passion. This has driven my involvement in the Adventist church, youth groups and several outreach programs, as well as training others.

There are numerous reasons, including abundant evidence, which lead me to put my faith in God, believe the Bible and accept the message and mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Please contact me for more information.

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