2013 in Review

2013 was very eventful for the Livingston household. We bought a house in need of renovation and Daniel had a serious accident. We also had weddings, funerals, pets, birthday milestones, church events and holiday adventures that all made up a rather full year.

Our first home

Our first home – in original condition

Our renovation project started out reasonably small. The intention was to focus on repainting and doing minor adjustments to largely make do with a basic and aging house. But as we went we kept on deciding to add to the scope of pur renovation till eventually all rooms as well as the structure have had major work. We have done as much as we can ourselves to keep the costs down and also had a lot of help from friends and family. We really appreciate all the help from so many people. We couldn’t have done without it!

That help became so much more valuable when Daniel had a serious accident that left him with both arms in casts for several weeks. His spleen also ruptured and had to be removed.

Daniel when discharged from hospital

Daniel when discharged from hospital – recovering from a serious accident

The accident happened on Oct 2 beside playing fields on an access track between Belmont and the Fernleigh track (in Newcastle). Daniel was riding his bicycle to a physio appointment at ATUNE Belmont (where Renee was also working). He was hit by a dirt bike although he doesn’t remember the accident at all.

Thanks to the prayers, well wishes and support of friends, colleagues and family, Daniel is making a strong recovery. He is back to doing most things normally although still requires rehab work on his left arm.We especially thank God for keeping Daniel alive and bringing us both through a tough year!

Daniel and Renee

We’ve also put together a 7 minute audio-visual of our year, following.