Follow-up to Covid-19-84

Thanks for all the engagement, questions, and critical feedback on my earlier post on what I believe has been a somewhat draconian response to Covid.

Recommended Public Health Response?

A great question was what public health response would I propose instead? My public policy suggestions are tentative as there is a lot I don’t know, but here are a few ideas for what it’s worth:

Fact-Checking the CCCA Presentation

A friend shared a fact-check of the CCCA presentation that I shared. This is helpful, as it is always good to view multiple perspectives on important issues – particularly where there is controversy. There were a couple of valid observations that were new to me.

However, the AFP’s fact check is insufficient to bury the CCCA presentation for these two key reasons:

  1. They’ve picked a few relatively minor points and ignored the major points of the presentation, in my view. Major concerns that remain undealt with include:
    1. No comment on all cause mortality end point.
    2. No comment on BMJ’s publication of whistleblower’s concerns.
    3. No comment on several other trial study design issues.
    4. No comment on pervasive conflict of interest.
    5. No comment on Pfizer’s history of criminal activity.
    6. No comment on the overall trend of heart issues in professional athletes – just correctly pointing out that one case (Christian Eriksen) is probably not linked to the inoculation, even though AFP overstates the original claim of CCCA on that particular point.
  2. The AFP repeats the myth that ivermectin is ineffective, contrary to numerous published studies.
    1. While I’m no apologist for ivermectin, there has clearly been an indefensible demonization of repurposed drugs such as ivermectin.
    2. Please read this article by (Emeritus) Prof Robert Clancy of Newcastle University School of Medicine for an articulation of highly aberrant response from Australian health regulators.
    3. There are numerous publications demonstrating efficacy and many parts of the world are using ivermectin. The Australian position seems indefensible.